Endovenous laser treatment (EVLT)

Endovenous laser treatment for varicose veins EVLT is a minimally-invasive, safe and highly effective treatment of superficial venous insufficiency.


Varicose veins are permanent expansions of superficial veins, which are often lumpy, bulging or twisted in appearance. They are often caused by the imbalance of blood pressure in the superficial vein and the endurance of the vein’s walls. The most common cause of varicose veins and their enlargement is the damage of venous valves and inherent or acquired weakness of the vein walls.

Indications for surgical procedure:

- Varicose veins of lower limbs
- venous valve insufficiency in the lower limb superficial vein (great saphenous vein, short saphenous vein)

Preparing for treatment:

- duplex Doppler ultrasound of lower limbs (essential for determining eligibility)
- laboratory tests: complete blood count, activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT) and c-reactive protein test (CRP)
(Essential before the procedure)

The procedure:

Upon disinfecting the limb with disinfectant solution and applying local anaesthetic, under ultrasound control, a small incision is made to the vein percutaneously, and a sterile single use radial fibre is inserted. The end of the fibre is put around the connection of the damaged superficial vein with the deep vein, where the reflux is. Then, through the skin incision a local anaesthetic solution is applied. Except for the pain relief, the solution is also supposed to protect the tissues surrounding the vein from laser thermal energy. Upon checking the position of the radial fibre, the closing of the vein will commence. The impulse work of the laser will allow to systematically pull out the radial fibre from the vein, to close it evenly. The position of the radial fibre is controlled during the entire procedure in the ultrasound. After the wire is removed from the vein, a sterile dressing is applied to the incision and a compression stocking will be put on the limb. Patient will be able to leave the operating table and after a short rest they will be able to leave the treatment room on their own.

Endovenous Laser Therapy For Varicose Veins (EVLT) is a procedure which, using radial fibres, closes the venous trunk with damaged venous valves, which cause blood backflow to the varicose veins. The treatment is conducted under local anaesthesia and the patients are able to leave the treatment room on their own after the procedure.

Recommendations after treatment:

- preventive use of oral anticoagulants (for 10 days)
- wearing a class 1 compression stocking for 24 hours after the procedure and then during the day for two weeks.
- if the discomfort worsens, take pain relief drugs
- it is not advised to drive a car directly after the treatment

Already on the next day the patient can come back to moderate physical activity (walks, climbing the stairs, work that does not require intense effort). They can return to exercise after 2-4 weeks. Follow up checks ups after the procedure are included in the price. The complications after this treatment happen rarely. Bruises can appear where the incisions were made.

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