Endocrine Clinic

In the endocrine clinic we provide complex diagnosis and treatment of hormonal imbalance disorders.


Our services:

Endocrine consultations:

- thyroid disorders:
Thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer, Underactive thyroid, Overactive thyroid
- Parathyroid glands diseases
- Adrenal gland disorders
- Pituitary Gland Disorders (such as Hyperprolactinemia)
- Menstrual Disorders
- Excessive hair growth (hirsutism)
- Metabolic disorder leading to obesity

Thyroid ultrasound

Thyroid fine needle aspiration biopsy

Consulting specialist

Beata Zadrożna-Śliwka, M.D.,Ph.D.

Internal medicine and endocrinology specialist

Very nice consultant. She dedicated a lot of time to my case. Conducted thorough interview about the history and course of my illness ( I did not have the medical records). She answered all my questions and clarified all doubts. What is more, because I am pregnant, the doctor requested all of my current test results (the previous ones were from three week ago) and requested a phone update upon receipt of those results, before making a decision on dosage of the medication. I strongly recommend this consultant.

Joanna R. | source www.znanylekarz.pl