Proctology clinic

In the proctology clinic, we provide diagnostic services and minimally-invasive treatment of problems in the rectum.


Our services:

Proctological consultations:

- pilonidal cyst,
- haemorrhoids (piles),
- anal fissure,
- perianal thrombosis.

Minimally-invasive treatment:

- laser treatment of pilonidal cyst (Pilonidal Sinus Laser Closure),
- haemorrhoid laser procedure,
- rubber band ligation of Haemorrhoids (Barron method),
- sclerotherapy of hemorrhoids,
- anal fissure treatment,
- botulinum toxin treatment of anal fissure,
- excision of anal fissure with botulinum toxin treatment,
- excision and drainage of perianal thrombosis.


Laser Haemorrhoidoplasty (LHP)

The Consultant