General Surgery

in the general surgery we remove skin lesions, soft tissue masses and provide ingrown toenail treatment.


Our services:


- surgery consultations
- determining eligibility for surgical treatment
- post-operative follow-up appointments
- follow-up appointments after injuries, contusions, fractions

Outpatient procedures:

- removal of skin lesion and soft tissue masses
- soft tissues foreign body removal (for example contraceptive implants)
- ingrown toenail treatment
- wound healing
- arthrocentesis, hematoma evacuation, abscess incision
- suture (stitches) removal

Consulting specialists

Arkadiusz Gryglak, M.D.

General surgery specialist

Magdalena Sitarska, M.D.

General surgery and surgical oncology specialist

Norbert Zapotoczny, M.D.,Ph.D.

General and vascular surgery specialist, proctologist