Sclerotherapy, obliteration, injections

Minimally-invasive method of closing small
varicose veins and spider veins.


Sclerotherapy is a minimally-invasive and effective method for varices and spider veins. Spider veins are swollen blood vessels that are easily visible through the skin. In the cases of large varicose veins, patients age and the progress of the condition will impact on the decision of selecting this treatment.

Benefits of this treatment:

- preventing complications of the varicose veins condition
- removal of the symptoms
- improved aesthetic of the lower limbs
- lower risk and strain than by surgical methods

Contraindications to the procedure:

- significant obesity
- advanced diabetes
- certain types of hypertension
- deep venous thrombosis
- extensive bacterial infection of the skin

Recommendations after treatment:

-directly after the procedure we recommend a 15-20-minute walk
- wearing a class 1 compression stocking for 24 hours after the procedure and then during the day for one week
- avoiding sun exposure of the limbs (for 1 month)

Already the next day the patients are able to return do moderate physical activity (walks, climbing the stairs, work which does not require intense effort). Return to exercise is possible after 1-2 weeks.

The procedure:

Through puncture of the vessel malformations, a solution is inserted into the veins, which irritates the vascular endothelium causing the vessel to collapse and stick together. The most common sclerosant is polidocanol - a detergent that can be used as a liquid or foam. The medication is available in different concentrations, which are used depending on the diameter and the thickness of the wall of the vessel. After injecting the vessel, pressure is applied locally and, in some cases,, a temporary lift of the limb

Watch the video and see the procedure!

To answer numerous queries about the procedure, we made a video about the preparation and the actual procedure of sclerotherapy and a short explanation from Norbert Zapotoczny, M.D.,Ph.D. about determining the eligibility for the procedure and the post-operative routine.

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