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Summer – the best time for treating varicose veins

Is summertime really suitable for laser treatment of varicose veins? Isn't it better to wait for cooler autumn days? These are the most frequently asked questions. At the root of these questions is the fear of complications and unwillingness to wear compression stockings in hot weather. Dr. Norbert Zapotoczny is a specialist in vascular surgery and general surgery of the VenoMedica Specialized Medical Center and he is willing to explain why the EVLT therapy (Endovenous Laser Ablation Therapy) should not be postponed.

- The development of medicine and surgical techniques has a positive effect not only on the treatment process, but also on the recovery and complication rate. After a minimally invasive EVLT vein laser ablation, patients in most cases are not required to take any painkillers and do not have to limit their normal physical activity, considering that they are using compression products (stockings, knee socks) for a period of 2 weeks.

What if these two weeks coincide with a heat wave?

- Indeed, wearing tight stockings in the summer is not a pleasure. But every sick person should take into account what untreated venous insufficiency during hot summertime can actually lead to.
At high temperatures, all superficial blood vessels expand - including varicose veins. This can cause or intensify already existing swelling of the limbs. Swelling in a short period of time can lead to inflammation of the skin and subcutaneous tissue, which appears as a painful hardening in the place of overheated body and therefore red skin. Inflammation may cause the appearance of permanent brown discoloration on the skin, allergies - itchy pimple-like rash and oozing, serous vesicle, and may also lead to venous ulcers - extensive, oozing and painful wounds on the lower legs. This may take many months up to years to heal. In addition, summer is the time for holiday trips, long journeys by plane or car, i.e. long periods of standing without moving. This position causes blood to stagnate and can lead to thrombosis.

Solve your venous insufficiency problems

At VenoMedica we diagnose diseases such as veinous insufficiency, varicose veins and vascular spider veins. We use modern and minimally invasive treatment techniques allowing the patient’s body to recover faster.

All these complications of untreated venous insufficiency occur more frequently during summer. It should be remembered that they are not only able to disturb the holiday, but create a serious thealth related threat. To treat is always better and more beneficial. With this in mind, you should consider undergoing venous insufficiency treatment even during hot summer!

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