Carpal tunnel release


Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused as a result of the osteoarthritis or inflammatory swelling in the carpal tunnel. As a result of the swelling in the wrist, the pressure is applied to the delicate median nerve in the wrist. The pressure can cause pain and disrupt everyday activities.


Carpal tunnel

causes, symptoms, diagnosis, surgery, rehabilitation

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Preparation for the procedure

All inflammations should be cured, all internal conditions should be under control and the patient should not be considerably overweight.

Contraindications for treatment

- local infection, inflammation of skin and other hand tissues
- general infections (upper airway infections, urinary tract infections)
- systemic diseases, i.e. hypertension, cardiac ischemia, coronary disease, arrythmia, diabetes, allergies, blood-coagulation disorders (the procedure is possible after a consultation and preparation for the surgery by the GP)

Treatment description

Surgical intervention requires an incision in the skin on the palm by the flexor retinaculum ligament, separating the layers of the soft tissue, until the flexor retinaculum is visible. Then the ligament is cut or (much less common) a Z-cut is made, which allows to extend the flexor retinaculum, without severing its continuity.