Magdalena Sitarska, M.D.

General surgery and surgical oncology specialist

On a daily basis, she works as a Senior Assistant in the Surgical Oncology department in the Provincial Specialist Hospital, Unit for Research and Development, located at ul. Kamieńskiego. In her clinical work she focuses on surgical treatment of breast cancer, including breast conserving and reconstruction surgeries. She also conducts gastrointestinal cancer surgeries (oesophagus, stomach. large intestine, liver) and thyroid cancer surgeries. A member of The Polish Society of Surgical Oncology and European Society of Surgical Oncology (ESSO). She participated in multiple foreign conferences and residencies. In 2011 she completed a course of surgical techniques in gastroenterological surgery in Davos; In 2015 she completed a residency in Breast Disease department in European Institute of Oncology in Milan and in 2016 she participated in the Breast reconstruction workshop in Budapest