mobileHolter - ECG Holter monitor

Advanced multi-day diagnostics with 24/7 technical supervision.

ECG Holter monitor allows to improve the effectiveness of cardiology diagnostics with 24/7 heart activity monitoring. The electrodes of the portable device will be attached to your chest for a period agreed with the doctor (from 1 day to several weeks), and then you will return to your everyday activities such as work, exercise or housework.

Holter monitor guarantees:

Effectiveness - more accurate detection of life-threatening incidents and, if needed, prompter referral for hospital treatment, thanks to the quality control of the monitor record (eliminating the need to repeat the test due to bad record quality)
Time-saving - earlier implementation of effective treatment thanks to limiting the number of unnecessary doctor’s appointments
Safety - at every stage of the test, the Monitoring Centre will be looking after you - a team of experienced ECG technicians and cardiology specialists with many years of experience, controls the record's quality in real-time, and, in the event of any technical issues (such as incorrectly placed electrodes, unclear records, running out of battery) will contact you or your Carer.

When do you need a Holter monitor?

  • Palpitations and chest pain
  • Dizziness and shortness of breath
  • Abnormally fast or abruptly slowing down heart activity for no obvious reason
  • No abnormalities detected in a basic ECG

mobileHolter in the comfort of your home!

In Specialist Medical Centre VenoMedica we meet the needs of our patients, offering solutions tailored to your expectations:

Fitting mobileHolter in VenoMedica

Well-trained assistants will demonstrate and explain how does the device work, help you attach the electrodes and answer all of your questions. Once the monitoring period is over, you will come back to the Medical Centre to finish the process and remove the device.

Delivering mobileHolter to your door

Courier will deliver the mobileHolter device to the address given by you. Together with the device, you will receive guidelines on how to connect the device as well as the support of the Monitoring Centre, which ensures the correct conduct of the monitoring process. Once the monitoring period is over, you will return the device to the courier.