BPM Holter/Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM)

Multi-day blood pressure monitoring

BPM Holter monitor allows to improve the effectiveness of cardiology diagnostics with 24/7 blood pressure monitoring. The electrodes of the portable device will be attached to your chest for a period agreed with the doctor (from 1 day to several weeks), and then you will return to your everyday activities such as work, exercise or housework.

When do you need a BPM Holter monitor?

  • There are significant discrepancies between tests done in the doctor's office or between the test in the surgery and the tests at home
  • Hypertension is not responding to treatment
  • You suffer from dizziness and fainting which can indicate periodical fluctuating blood pressure
  • Suspected blood pressure fluctuations at night

Advantages of this device:

  • Automatic monitors - blood pressure is tested automatically using a cuff synchronised with the device, which will pump up the cuff and measure the pressure (usually every 15-30 minutes during the day and every 60 minutes at night), so that you don’t have to remember to measure your blood pressure, put on a cuff each time and get up at night.
  • Immediate test results - a report with the results of the blood pressure monitoring is ready immediately after the test.
  • Helps select the right treatment -thanks to the long monitoring period the doctor has a better opportunity to select a treatment to best meet each patient's individual needs, by selecting appropriate doses and the best time to take your medication.